Hall of Fame - Batting | Plan B Regional Bash
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
185100487114828785287805085*Nicholas BroesCentral West Wranglers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Orana Outlaws
28413218414828711287804084*Ashley K BorellaBorder Bullets2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Murrumbidgee Rangers
38182563014828785287804781Ben MitchellCentral West Wranglers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Illawarra Flames
47585016314828798287800775Caleb ZiebellNorthern Rivers Rock2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash2 1Northern Inland Bolters
56913584914830854287802769Nicholas WatkinsLake Mac Attack2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Newcastle Blasters
66868901314828799287803968Rhys HealyACT Aces2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Wagga Wagga Sloggers
76476119314828795287800864Ryan YatesMacquarie Coast Stingers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Northern Inland Bolters
864102021214828797287800864Lachlan CameronNorthern Inland Bolters2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Macquarie Coast Stingers
96485016314828798287800964Caleb ZiebellNorthern Rivers Rock2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Coffs Coast Chargers
106298169214828788287803662Gregory I BuckleyOrana Outlaws2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash2 1Illawarra Flames
116068948714828792287800960*Alec BaldwinCoffs Coast Chargers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Northern Rivers Rock
125979321614828790287803759Brayden AmblerWagga Wagga Sloggers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash2 1Murrumbidgee Rangers
1358102615514828785287805058Ben SheehanCentral West Wranglers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Orana Outlaws
1456100096114828787287803256Dean BennettMurrumbidgee Rangers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1ACT Aces
1555157757614828711287803155Sahib MalhotraBorder Bullets2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Wagga Wagga Sloggers
165550559514828798287800455*Jayden S HoareNorthern Rivers Rock2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Macquarie Coast Stingers
175263564114828797287800552Tom A GrothNorthern Inland Bolters2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Coffs Coast Chargers
185094306714828795287800450Chris ColeMacquarie Coast Stingers2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash1 1Northern Rivers Rock
195089856214828797287800850*Ben P MiddlebrookNorthern Inland Bolters2018/2019Plan B Regional Bash3 1Macquarie Coast Stingers
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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